What do I get when I adopt a sheep?

The adoption certificate on the web site will be customised with your information. Your name (or that of your friend, your group of friends or your class) will be placed on the web site next to a picture of the sheep which you adopt. If the sheep you adopt has not got a name then you can give it a name which will also be placed on the web site. You can also send in a picture for inclusion on the web site. To protect your security no personal addresses will be placed on the web site.

Sheep available for adoption are normally pure bred Swaledale females (ewes). They will spend most of their lives on the Cumbrian fells. You can gain an understanding of their lifestyle from the information on this web site, including details of their life cycle (Where are they now) and seasonal activities (The Hill-Farmers' Year).

Pictures of the Tarn House flocks are posted on the web site from time to time. We cannot guarantee that the sheep you adopt as a lamb will be included in these pictures but there is a possibility that your adopted sheep or it's lambs will appear somewhere in the pictures.