Can I adopt a sheep as a gift?

Yes. Although this web site is an educational web site primarily intended as an educational resource for use by individuals and groups of children such as classses of primary school children it also serves as a fun site on which you can adopt a sheep for someone else. When you give someone a gift you will want to write them a short note. You can do that on this web site. All you have to do is choose your sheep, give it a name, write a message and we will do the rest - we will customise the adoption certificate on the web site with the information you send us. You can even send us a picture to appear on the site. Here are some ideas for messages based on the term used to describe a female sheep (ewe) but we are sure 'ewe' will come up with your own...

The occasion... Suggested messages for ewe...
Anytime I love ewe.
Ewe are my best friend.
Ewe and I are meant to be.
Hope ewe have a nice day.
What have ewe done!
Birthday Hope ewe have a happy birthday.
Birth Well done ewe two.
Christening Ewe can name her after me if you like.
Father's Day Ewe are the best!
Graduation Ewe are so clever!
Mother's Day Mum's like ewe are hard to find.
Ewe are the best mum in the whole world.
Retirement Ewe deserve to be put out to grass.
Valentine Will ewe be my valentine?
Ewe were made for me.

Ewe deserve each other.
We hope ewe enjoy your present.